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The Metre Gauge Railway in Kenya and Uganda

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My wife and I were in Uganda in April/ May 2018, I have been there a number of times before.


The national railway system is metre-gauge. I hope this first post is of interest to members of this forum. The history of the l;ine from Mombasa through Kenya and Uganda to Kampala and then on to Kasese is intriguing.




Other posts about the trip, but not railway related, can be found on this link:




This second post provides some more information about the history of what is often called 'The Lunatic Line'.




This third post  in the series starts the journey along the 'Lunatic Line'.




The 4th post in a series about Uganda Railways. This post covers the journey along the original Uganda Railway from Mazeras to Voi.





This is the 5th part of the story of the Uganda Railway. It covers the length from Voi to Ulu in Kenya.




Our journey along the 'Uganda Railway' continues. In this post we travel from Ulu into Nairobi and notice two branch-lines on the way.





This next post focusses on the station at Nairobi and its immediate environment.




We are gradually getting closer to the eastern border of Uganda! This is the next post in the series and covers the stretch of the line from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha .....




Another leg of the journey on the Uganda Railway.




The next two posts cover the length of the old Uganda Railway to Kisumu and Butere. Originally, this line was of significant strategic importance. Trains along the line provided access to Lake Victoria and the inland steamers that then provided access to the Great Lakes region and to Kampala via Port Bell.


The construction of the line from Nakuru to Kampala and beyond changed thing significantly and the old main line became a branch-line and has seen little traffic over recent years.





Before we return to Nakuru to follow the main line towards Kampala, one further post about the Kisumu line. There was a short branch which left the Kisumu to Nakuru line within the confines of Kisumu city. This post focusses on that line.




Back at Nakuru, we prepare ourselves to travel on to Kampala. This post takes us to Eldoret.




Eldoret is a junction station. The branch-line service to Kitale set off from Eldoret. We follow its route.




We really are now almost in Uganda! The is the last post focussing on the Uganda Railway in Kenya. It takes us from Eldoret to the border with Uganda at Malaba.

Sadly, in this post there is little evidence of locomotives. The line has seen little use over the years. I was very fortunate to be able to travel 1st Class all the way from Mombasa to Kampala in 1994. I had no idea at the time how fragile that service was.





With this post we have crossed the border between Kenya and Uganda. Just across the border in Tororo the mainline divides to give a Kampala/Kasese route via Jinja, and a Pakwach and Aria route via Soroti. The more northerly route through Soroti was perceived as the branch but it has been the route which has been refurbished first (in 2013).


We will follow the branch first.




Two more posts about the branch-line to Gulu and Arua. The first takes us from Soroti to Gulu.




The second covers the length to the end of the branch-line.




We have now returned to the mainline at Tororo and are heading on toward Kampala.


The story continues .... "We leave Tororo is a north-westerly direction following the contours on the north side of the Nagongera Road as far as Achilet (about 5 kilometres outside of Tororo). For the next 10 kilometres the railway stays north of the road until reaching Nagongera, or Nagongora, ..............




Of interest is the number of railway lines on the map between Tororo and Jinja. There is by far the greatest density of lines in Uganda.

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