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British Docks and Harbours Railways

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Lydney in Gloucestershire


My wife and I enjoy an annual holiday in the Forest of Dean. We have been there almost every year since the year 2000. During that time we have enjoyed exploring a number of the different railway routes in the forest and have begun to realise just how complex a network of tramways supported the standard gauge railways which themselves had replaced much earlier tramways. I hope to provide a thread in due course about these railways and tramways.

This post focusses on Lydney Harbour and its transport links, particularly rail and tramway/tramroad. ...



King's Lynn, Norfolk


King's Lynn was at one time one of the premier ports in the country. Trade with Europe was governed by the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages.


These posts are about a much later time in its history when it's harbour and docks were rail served.


I was 12 years old when we moved to King's Lynn in 1972 and we stayed there right through my teens until I left home for University in 1978. I have long thought about spending a little time reviewing the railway history of the town.


King's Lynn Harbour Branch


This first post covers King's Lynn Harbour Branch which left the mainline just before that line entered the town in South Lynn




The next few posts cover the Docks Branch.


King's Lynn Docks Branch - Part 1


The harbour branch left the mainline South of King's Lynn. The docks branch left the mainline close to King's Lynn Station. The post below includes a very short history of the harbour and docks and then covers the length of the branch from the station to John Kennedy Road.




King's Lynn Docks Branch - Part 2


The second part of a study on the Docks Branch in King's Lynn. ......




This post covers the area around the Alexandra Dock. A further post will follow to cover the railways around the Bentinck Dock.


King's Lynn Docks Branch - Part 3


This is the third post about the Docks Railway in King's Lynn.




The post covers the area around Bentinck Dock and has some detail about the Savage's Works on the East side of the dock. Savage's were internationally renowned for their steam-powered fairground attractions.


King's Lynn Docks Branch - Part 4


A few random bits and pieces which relate to the docks railways in King's Lynn ....



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