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ICE-TD sets now used as inspector trains

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The ICE-TD (a 4 part tilting diesel set, used in later years for the Berlin-Hamburg-Puttgarden ferry-Kopenhagen line), which was taken out of service last year, finds new life as an inspector train.


Happy to see that they found a use for the ICE-TD. I've always found a diesel "high speed train" very cool because of its uniqueness. Even though the software, tilting system and fuel mileage aren't great.



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I was driving on the A9 motorway when I noticed this train. I thought about a short ICE3 ... the time was too short to take a closer look. I am also happy that this multiple unit will be used again.

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Purely technically speaking it would still be an ICE-TD: The T stands for "Triebzug" (multiple unit), not tilting 😉

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