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JR West - Train Services

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Today, the JR group companies released information about the March 2019 timetable revision. I will try to summarise the JR West changes in this post.




The amount of Mizuho return trips will be increased by one.



Some Nozomi services will get a quicker timetable.


Limited Expresses

Hokuriku Main Line

One extra Thunderbird return trip during the evening rush hour, and an extension of Ohayo/Oyasumi Express services to Tsuruga.


Rakuraku Harima

A new commuter ltd. express between Himeji and Osaka stations, similar to existing Biwako Express services.


Commuter Trains

Kinki Area

Umekoji-Kyotonishi station on the Sagano Line (Sanin Main Line) will be opened. A-Seat reserved seat cars will be introduced on some rush hour Special Rapid A services between Aboshi/Himeji and Yasu. The Osaka Higashi Line section between Kyuhoji and Shin-Osaka will be opened, with up to 4 local trains (201 Series) and 2 Yamatoji Line interconnecting rapid trains (207 or 321 Series) during the rush hours. 227 Series trains will be introduced on the Sakurai Line and Wakayama Line.


Okayama Area

The new Onomichi station building will be opened. Many connections between Shinkansen and local trains at Fukuyama and Mihara stations will be shortened. Uno Line trains will now run from Okayama to either Uno or Kashima in a more regular interval.


Hiroshima Area

227 Series will be introduced on all Hiroshima Area local trains. This also means that all JNR-era multiple units will be withdrawn.




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Thanks for this translation Densha.  I had forgotten all about the Kyuhoji to Shin-Osaka portion of the Osaka Higashi Line.  I look forward to the zenmen tenbou videos 🙂


All JNR EMUs withdrawn in the Hiroshima area?  Wow.  Still lots of 113s and 115s in Okayama as far as I know.  117s too.  Anything from Hiroshima that in reasonably good shape will probably go to Okayama.

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Yes, that is what Japanese rail fans have been speculating too. Modernised Hiroshima 113/115s will probably replace any left unmodernised Okayama 115s. Some might possibly go to Yamaguchi too, but I know so little about that area that saying anything about it would be pure speculation.

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