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JR Shikoku - Train Services

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Today, the JR group companies released information about the March 2019 timetable revision. I will try to summarise the JR Shikoku changes in this post. Other JR companies will follow.


Limited Expresses

Yosan Line

Several Shiokaze limited expresses will now offer better connection to Nozomi Shinkansen services to and from Tokyo. Some Shiokaze and Ishizuchi services for Matsuyama will now also couple together at Tadotsu station instead of Utazu station.


Dosan Line

There will be some changes in the routes of Nanpu, Shimanto and Ashizuri services. All Nanpu services will from now on run between Okayama and Kochi. Shimanto services will run between Takamatsu and Kochi, except for one service from Sukumo to Takamatsu. Ashizuri services will run between Kochi and Nakamura, except for one service from and one service to Sukumo.


Local Trains

Honshi-Bisan Line

The local trains between Okayama - Kotohira/Kanonji that cross the Seto-Ohashi Bridge will be abolished. This means no more JR West 113 Series and 115 Series on Shikoku, and no more JR Shikoku 113 Series and 6000 Series on Honshu.


Mugi Line

JR Shikoku will introduce a timetable with regular intervals on the Mugi Line. This means no more having to look up departure and arrival times if you remember the hourly repeating schedule. The amount of return trips per day between Tokushima and Anan will also increase by 8.



http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/03_news/press/2018 12 14 02.pdf


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Too bad about the Seto-Ohashi Line services.  The Marine Liner runs every 30 minutes I think, I guess it's not such a big deal but I guess it must mean more transfers for some people.

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Shikoku really has been losing a lot of direct connections to Honshu during the last couple of years. Limited express services from Okayama to Tokushima and Uwajima are already gone, and now those to Nakamura/Sukumo will do so too. In addition there is the Seto-Ohashi Line locals that will be abolished as well.

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