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al camino

Experience with Tramway TOKI25000

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al camino


I recently receive a shipment from Hobby search.

One of the items had been TW25000E - A TOKI 25000 with salt containers.

The model has a good appearance and looks quite good to me (not knowing the prototype but from some pictures).

But I was terribly disappointed about the quality of the wheel sets.

All 4 wheel sets had wheels either wobbling or running out of turn.

The car runs like a walking duck 😞


I never experienced this quality except from real cheap US-brands with all plasti wheel sets.


What could I expect with another order of a Tramway product?


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I have several cars from them, including 4 ToKi 25000 (I got the 2 car set with out loads) as well as some oil tank cars from them. I have not run in to any issues with these cars. But that doesn't mean they dont produce a lemon or two.

Check to see if there are any flat spots on any of the wheels, or it maybe there is a problem with one of the trucks. I would have to see pictures, and maybe see it running to really find out

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I’ve got 25 freight and passenger cars of different types made by Tramway. All of them run well, so I can only assume you got a rare dud. The same goes for my 28 assorted locos, DCs and trams from this manufacturer. All are good runners.





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al camino

So I think I was winner of the golden lemon of the month 😞

All Wheel sets have wheel disks mounted out of center.

The deviation was between less than a 1/10 mm up to nearly 1 mm.



Some of the wheel disks are also tilted.



I replaced the Wheelsets by Kato wheels but they have longer axles (Tramway = 23.8mm vs. Kato/Tomix = 24.4mm) which makes a tight fit.

Not too tight for a test run but I don't want to leave these wheels in the Tramway bogies.

Twe car ran flawless - and the Kato turned into a duck.


I'll see what Hobby search will answer - probably sending good wheel sets with my new order.

I received a very friendly reply and now I'm curious what will happen.


I every thing fails I replace the wheel disks by myself.


Good nite!

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