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Thomas Comes To Town.

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Thought I d start a seperate thread for the Thomas layout.

building this for the grandkids really and also a winter project for me as this will be in the house.

housed in a glass cabinet measuring 3’x2’ with all the controls on the outside.The concept is a fairground/carnival theme in the town.Buildings around one side and the back with a fair/carnival/market in the Center.Thomas and Percy will form a part of the fair rides,tho in reality they d be a lot smaller,it s not meant to be completely realistic,just a bit of fun really and a way of using stuff I wo nt use on the main layout.



The story so far,




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looks great! Can’t wait to see the amusement park happen.



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Grandkids?  Oh come, now. I know who will be playing with this! Its always the adults.  :toothy10:  :toothy10:


But you know now that I have read up on steam engines in the Britain, Thomas is not that far off in design and color. I never knew there were colored steam engine liveries until I saw a friends Flying Scotsman in a movie on Facebook.

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