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al camino

TOMIX Series 14 sleeper - instruction sheet missing

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al camino

Good evening (my time)


I recently found TOMIX sleeper coaches series 14 on ebay - and now they are here.

It should have been the H0-031 set and a separate NAHANE14.

In fact the set had NARONE and NASHI instead of the NHANEs.

A perfect consist for my collection.

All parts were attached except the ladders.

I have to remove the lettering because previous owner did not align the letters.

Enough lettering material is still left.


But the manuals (instructions) were missing.

I searched the net but could not find TOMIX instruction. Kato serves better.

I found lot of interesting entries here in forum but failed with instruction or manual.

(I probably used poor searching keywords).


Could anyone of you provide a scan of or link to series 14 coach instructions?

I don't mind the Japanese of instruction

"camera translater" of my tablet does it.

The sketches are important to me (how to open, where to attach).


Many thanks in advance!


EDIT: added some word to make sentences make sense. Added the few lines about Japanese text of instruction.

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