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al camino

Another Hello from Germany

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al camino

Hallo Zusammen.


By looking for information about JNR I stumbled acrosss this forum.

Happy to find some Japanese stuff in English 😉

Beeing into modelrailroad since the mid 60ies starting with a Märklin set under the Chrismas tree.

I developed from Märklin to lots of other brands with DB, SBB, BBÖ.

I once found the M+F stuff very nice and detailled - but far too expensive for a schoolboy.

Lucky that I missed all these difficult to build models - that never had been good kits.

Later I widened my focus from Europe to American railroads. In fact a Märklin Santa Fe set from 1968 was the root.

The journey went further and touched Australia (I love the class AD60), Ireland (EMD SD38 based locomotives) and now came back to Italy (3 phase AC with dual catenary and memories of childhood vacations).


In the mid 90ies I saw a Question on rec.model.railroad - A japanese Railroadfan asked for the meaning of "TCS" printed on a SBB Re 4/4 460.

I answered and I met a person that was interested in European railroads in H0 and Märklin Gauge 1.

A conversation started and so my interest in JNR grew.

Beside the the Shinkansen series 0 I only knew the 485 series EMU and the EF66 by some pictures and ads in model railroad magazines (Tenshodo brass etc.)

These engines looked amazing to me.

I did not know anout JNR gauges and the 1/80 scale nor about any history of JNR, JRxxx etc.

We started some swapping (SBB-->Japan/JNR-->Germany).


Over the years my collection of Japanese RR grew - the neverending story all of us know well.






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Wilkommen Alexander. Hast das richtige forum gefunden.Alle sind sehr hilfreich. Viel spass!!

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Welcome. Quite a few Germans around here. Do share some pictures of your layout or collection, always fun to see what models and plans other people have.

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al camino

Ohhh - pictures of a layout - It is more piles of plans, dreams and boxes plus a huge showcase that shall receive some extensions.


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al camino



Where should i place a thread listing my JNR/JR trains and respective questions to train consists.




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Welcome Alexander!


fun way to get into Japanese trains! Great cultural exchange going on there!


For prototype questions and discussions use this forum




prototype pictures and videos here




And for HO scale Japanese trains use this forum







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You'll find a bunch of people also interested in DB, SBB, etc trains (in addition to the JNR/JR/Private-Japanese) in the Worldwide forum as well.  Maybe you can lend your expertise and familiarity. 🙂



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Welcome in this forum


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