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David Jackson

Modemo motor

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David Jackson

The motor on my Modemo E510 (NT62) has slowly ground to a halt amidst a cloud of smoke, motor is free but I suspect it is terminal - there is no parts list that I can trace - the motor has a very faint reference 366Z4 (could be 36624 or 36644) - can anybody help me source a replacement - thanks in advance.

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I've never seen a parts list for a Modemo models. I must have 40 of them at least. I've heard its a Tomix drive, but I can't say absolutely if this is true..

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I am not aware of any spare parts for Modemo trams. I have had one motor failure, so I opened it up and found that it had tangential metal finger "brushes" rubbing on the commutator. They had a tiny "L" shaped cross-section, and one brush had turned 90 degrees to be edgewise against the commutator, so it machined a groove right through all the commutator segments. The motor was still free-spinning, like yours is, but totally shot. All of my other Modemo trams continue to run great.


Rich K.

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