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What's the longest non-shinkansen, non-overnight train route without transfers?

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Can't recall if it requires transfers, but maybe Nagano/Shiojiri-Nagoya?  I've seen several limited expresses that approach or slightly exceed the 5 hour mark.


And would they have food service?  I don't recall any for the close to 4 hour Hakodate-Sapporo journey.

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5 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

JR Hokkaido may also be a contender

The Okhotsk service between Sapporo and Abashiri is slightly longer, at 5 hours 24 minutes. Both the Super Soya and Okhotsk are nice services with nice views, by the way.


(btw: final answer here: https://trafficnews.jp/post/79377, use google translate)

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JR 500系

How about JR Central iida line? 




By the way, kudos to the one who finished watching the above video without fast-forwarding!

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