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Inspirational Rolling Stock Builds & Kitbashes

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JR 500系

Wow thanks Jeff! That really helps a lot! Cheers mate!  🙂

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On 8/21/2018 at 6:28 AM, Kamome said:

I’ve seen lots of small pre-painted tank kits here in Japan. They’re usually 1:144 scale but close enough to not really notice. 


For WWII tanks it can be a bit more noticeable (that Hetzer is huge) but there are also differences in scale in 1/144 from one vendor to another. I could probably do a Kuromoromine or Pravda train but I'd have to make decals. 

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Really nice example of using a cheap Tetsudou Collection train to create something else, this time a fictional electric loco that could just have run on the Kobe Railway.


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