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Epping Model Railway Show 2018

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Today I went to Rosehill for the Epping Model Railway Show. There were quite a few high quality layouts, most of them Australian (NSW) inspired. Not much Japanese apart from a tram layout and Tomix moving bus and tram demonstrator from a local shop selling lots of Tomix stuff. I bought a couple of Bandai shorty kits for $5 a piece.



A NSW river crossing.



One of the N layouts. The biggest local N scale club is very American.



Nice details in this American winter layout. That's N, by the way.



Mostly Japanese trains and buildings pretending to be somewhere else. This was automated but the trams were running way too fast. I talked to the very nice people who made it.



A Sydney trains style overhead over modern Aussie freight. H0, of course.



Some other aspects of the layout above.



A NSW country town in the 50's. Attacked by zombies. Gosh!



The zombie layout people know how to make nice bridges...



...and water.



They were running this lovely petrol rail motor up and down. A similar one was today taking people in excursions out of Central.



Very Aussie station and town.



American steam H0 action, but well, the trees look suspiciously Australian. I think this was called Coffs Harbour, which is in the way to Queensland, but somehow the Norfolk Southern got there.



Wow, I do like this one!



And this, from the same layout as above.



Still the same layout. Great! Aussie H0 again.



A general view of a NSW switching layout. There was a fiddle yard at 90 degrees from the scenic area.



Nice NSWGRR little shunter.



That's my favourite one again.



Zombie Olde Town again.



I don't remember what this one was about. I think it is another view of the MotoRail layout below.




NSWGRR MotorRail. Australian train practice combines British, American and continental European elements.



That looks like Leura or Katoomba station in the Blue Mountains, a place we sometimes go in the weekend for a hike.



The switching layout again.



And again.



Another favourite of mine, in H0n30. Just a loop with a very small scenic area about 500mm long. A siding in the other side allows for changing the train running. Whimsical and cool.




That's from the Coffs Habour layout. Look at the truck and the dude in from of the shed. Some people are very talented around here.




More river crossing.


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I found a few more pictures.



I did not like the original very much so I went creative with the editing.




EZ line, I think.



This one was completely mad!



That's also from the switching layout.

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I wish I knew that you were there as I was there from about 1:00pm to closing time with my son, Edo-san was also there on Saturday and Sunday manning the Hills Model Railway Society N scale layout, we all have to arrange to meet up at some point, Daniel who had the small JNR layout Escarpment is friends with Ed and has an interest of such in JNR stock, mainly those little KiHa's he was running.

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