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Utility poles

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Problem is most of those bits and bobs details are going to be under 1mm in size so never seen from more than a few inches away. Few blobs of glue for insulators, some small rectangles of styrene for small boxes, and a few jumper wires here and there would be plenty to give the ultra detail effect on the mind’s eye. 


Transformers, some insulators and even step pegs are part of greenmax and kato pole kits. Kobaru did sell insulators to add to power poles. Microbeads could be used for insulators.


as Martijn mentions this is the worst stuff to keep clean, it’s a total dust bunny magnet and really fiddly to clean w.o breaking stuff.


also hard to get multiple wires to space and lay the same at n scale, small difference really shows up. I remember the ones I did when young and it was worse than trying to get model ship rigging looking good (and I did a fair bit of that as a kid).



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