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Placing Modellbahn-Lippe order very soon. Anyone (in US) want to join it?

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This is for USA-resident forum members.


I will be placing a Modellbahn-Lippe order very soon.


I had one of my reserved items come in and I am hoping some other reserved items come in in the next day or two.   I have D&H decoders reserved and one model came in so I hope the others are right behind them.


Modellbahn-Lippe offers no-VAT shopping (save the 19% German VAT that you normally see in the prices at most shops), good prices, and the lowest of the flat rate shipping from Europe.   If you want to join my order, send me a PM with links to what you want.   Once it comes in we can settle up -- I do not nee prepayment, just your 100% commitment.  


We can share the shipping from Europe and then you have to pay the shipping from me to you.  They charge Euro 27.50 for UPS shipping to the US so it comes quickly once they ship (not SAL, not postal, not slow boat).  Since my order with them is large, I would say probably 1 euro per piece would be your shipping share of the Germany -> USA shipping.  If you get lots of pieces, it could be less than 1 Euro per piece.   So, if you get 2 wagons and 2 decoders, your share would be 4 Euro.  If you had 8 decoders and 4 wagons, probably 10 Euros.  That sort of thing.


I need to know for sure, with commitment, by this weekend (April 7) if anyone wants to include stuff in my order.



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I'm getting some decoders from Modellbahn-Lippe really soon now.  Anyone in the US want to piggyback anything and save shipping versus order ing for themselves?


Updated:  Order placed.   


I'll post here again if I make another order.


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