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Sale: Tomix Trains, Rail&Power, etc.

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Hello Everyone,


This is my old TOMIX-Setup. It was stored in a dry and safe place for 20 years. I don't think i will have the space to build it up again so I took these pictures and put it in this forum. I hope to find someone who has interest in acquiring this. I can sell single units or everything together. Tell me your price and we will find a deal. I am based in Vienna, Austria. If you have questions let me know!


RAIL & POWER - (Pictures: https://ibb.co/ei6S6c )
tomix system up rail set D   
tomix system up rail set C    
tomix system up rail set C    
tomix system up rail set B    
tomix system up rail set A    
tomix 5001 Powerunit        
tomix 5001 Powerunit 

Electric Locomotive Type EF65-1100 - Tomix 2101  (https://ibb.co/ksrzKx)
J. R. Electric Car MOHA1131500 - Tomix 2390      (https://ibb.co/ksrzKx)
4003-1 Moha103 Blue - Kato               (https://ibb.co/c5BS6c)
4001-1 Kuha103ATC/Blue - Kato               (https://ibb.co/c5BS6c)
4001-1 Kuha103ATC/Blue - Kato                (https://ibb.co/c5BS6c)
J.R. Freight Car TAKI 5450 - Tomix 2775       (https://ibb.co/nJvLRc)
J.N.R. Freight Car CHI-1 - Tomix 2710           (https://ibb.co/nJvLRc)
J.N.R. Freight Car KOMU-1 - Tomix 2706       (https://ibb.co/nJvLRc)
J.N.R. Freight Car TORA-70000 - Tomix 2705       (https://ibb.co/nJvLRc)
Multi-purp. Diesel Loc. (ORANGE) - Tomix 2021       (https://ibb.co/nJvLRc)
J.R. Shinkansen Type 123 - Tomix 2814            (https://ibb.co/jNSZmc)
J.R. Shinkansen Type 124 - Tomix 2820        (https://ibb.co/jNSZmc)
J.R. Shinkansen Type 125 - Tomix 2816            (https://ibb.co/jNSZmc)
J.R. Shinkansen Type 125 - Tomix 2816            (https://ibb.co/jNSZmc)
J.R. Shinkansen Type 126 - Tomix             (https://ibb.co/jNSZmc)


Tomix 3608 People "middle age"        (https://ibb.co/gS4QsH )    
"Inaka" Trainstation                        (https://ibb.co/album/kfuTDv)
"Machinaka" Trainstation                   (https://ibb.co/album/k68Yfa)
Unknown buildling                     (https://ibb.co/album/hbGx6F)


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Hi Philip, Not sure if you still have this collection. I was interested in the freight wagons and the orange diesel as well as the 3 blue commuter car set by Kato. The problem is that I am in New Zealand and the postage would be horrible! I have collected quite a bit of older models from a friend which have been from deceased estates. His prices are very low because of the age of the models and also because technology has improved so much. Anyway, just thought i would at least make contact with you. John

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