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DB Prototype technical specs?

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I was wondering if there are any sites that would list technical specs, beyond what you get on Wikipedia, for DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn / Deutsche Bahn) German prototypes?  I specifically am looking for the width of the BR110 (or E10) and BR41 (or E41) locomotives.


I have both Fleischmann and Arnold BR141/E41 models and Fleischmann  and Hobbytrain BR110/E10 models and the Fleischmann are wider than the corresponding Arnold or Hobbytrain locomotives.   The lengths are almost exactly the same, but the widths are substantially different.  The E41/BR141 difference was about 1/16" (about 1.5mm).  I have not yet measured the BR110/E10 widths yet but the Fleischmann looks wider in the same way it looks wider with my Mk I native eyeballs with the BR141/E41.


I'd like to find the technical specs on the actual prototype engines and compute the width/length ratios on the real ones compared to the models.

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The width is not given, but considering the drawings are in scale, it's possible to measure it off relative to the dimensions given.

bogie distance: 214 px = 3400 mm
shell width: 189 px = 3002 mm


I think the actual value might be at a round 3 meters. The maximal allowed width with everything that sticks out if the shell is 3150 mm according to the european loading gauge standards, so this looks about right. In 1:160, 3 meters is 18.75 mm, while the maximal allowed width is 19.69 mm.



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@kvp  Thanks, that will help me get a ratio for the prototype and then I can make a ratio for the models for the BR 110/E10 and since I have 1 Hobbytrain "Kasten" and 1 Hobbytrain "Falte" and one of each from Fleischmann it will allow me to compare both, though I expect the length should be the same on the models between the two as the drawings show it in real life.

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1 hour ago, Suica said:


Danke Dir


Based on the numbers off of the E41 diagram, and my (probably slightly off) measurements on the models, I got a ratio of wide to length


Prototype:  0.1954


Fleischmann:  0.1935

Arnold:  0.1774


So the Fleischmann model seems closer to prototypical dimensions in this case (based on the 2 Arnold and 1 Fleischmann BR 141/E41 I have).


I have not yet made the measurements / calculations on the HobbyTrain vs Fleischmann BR 110 / E10


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