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 hi. I was running some searches today and I came across what appeared to be an HO KTM model of the JR500, is this a new model? I have been wondering about this I do not recall seeing a 500 series when I went through a KTM product list a few months ago.  http://www.ktm-models.co.jp/topics_500kei.html that's where I found it.

whether KTM makes the 500 or not either way I am planning on ordering the Tenshodo JR500 some time this year (its simply cheaper) and hopefully I'll get the Kato E5 series around the holidays.


I am about 2 hours north of Washington DC and their is a Japan modelers club from that area. I have seen them at a couple of shows in the past. If their is any one from that club on this forum who happens to own an HO gauge 500 series shinkansen or an E5 shinkansen in HO I would love to see it in person before I go out and spend a ton of money. Thank you for your help.

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Sorry speed, we don’t have any HO folks in the club.



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