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Hello from seattle

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I live a little south of seattle, Renton area in Washington state. Just got into trains a little over a year ago. I have done plastic models off and on over the years, had some experience with miniature wargaming and diy electronics. I feel like I have found a hobby that has a little of everything to build in miniature. 


I started with dcc American diesel and steam, but shopping on ebay I kept seeing the Japanese model trains and got really curious. Got my first tram from hobby search with some tomix tram track and it kind of snow balled from there. Now my japanese collection is dwarfing my American collection.


I run DC with my Japanese trains,  and have no real plans to switch to DCC. I have enough power packs that can do constant light now anyway.


Aside from my 8x4 temporary layout. I am working on a bookshelf tram layout. And I am making plans for a floating island mini tram layout.


Thanks for reading, that's all for now!

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Welcome ultratram! 


Glad you found the mad house, most of the rest of us fell into the similar trap!





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Welcome to the forum ultratram!  



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Hi Ultratram, welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum!!

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