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Tomytec Nishitetsu origin Articulated Trams

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I recently purchased a Tomytec Hiroden 3000 series articulated tram and it wasn't until I started digging into these cars on Japanese wikipedia that I realized these were part of larger fleet once operated in Kyushu by Nishitetsu in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka.  Links to Japanese Wikipedia articles are included.


The oldest of these cars date back to 1953 and could be applied to any era since then.




Today the Nishitetsu tram lines in  Kitakyushu and Fukuoka are gone, but these trams continue to run in  Kumamoto,  on the Chikuho Electric Railway, and in Hiroshima.




Kumamoto acquired four articulated trams in 1976 and 1978. Today only 5014 remains active on the Kumamoto City Transit Authority.  This tram was retired in 2009 due to aging, but was restored and returned to service in March 2017 in Nishitetsu colors.










Chikuho Electric Railway 


Chikuho Electric Railway  acquired 25 articulated cars in two groups between 1976 and 1985.  All 7 2000 series trams existed in March 2012 and were operated  mainly at rush hours. Tram 2003 continued to run through March 2016, when one-man operation was implemented. Tram 2103 was the last surviving although parked 2100 circa 2006.  Tomytec has issued four 2000 series variations so far.












In 1976 the Hiroshima Electric Railway (aka Hiroden) acquired 8 articulated trams from Nishitetsu.  These trams were originally acquired for the railway line to Miyajima.  After arriving in Hiroshima a third section was added. To this day these cars continue to be equipped with a conductor's position just inside the rear door. After 1998 these trams were transferred from the railway line to city operation. The  five surviving 3000s can often be found on lines 1 and 5 during rush hours.








There are differences in doors, windows, headlights and other details on each of these three groups. All three series have different headlight positioning and hardware.

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Thanks for the info on 5014AB, I might actually get that one.  I didn't realize is was a modern fleet tram.

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Here is a video review of the  Tomytec Hiroshima Electric Railway 3002 from htlhtb.  What is interesting is that he takes the tram apart and reassembles it as two section articulated car.  These cars originally arrived in Hiroshima as two section articulated cars and later the third section was added. This isn't documented in the Tomytec product list or on the product information. Interesting.  :cool:



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I shouldn't start collecting Hiroden, I shouldn't start collecting Hiroden, ...

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