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Marknewton - In progress thread

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Here, participant Marknewton will post his weekly updates (or more if he can/wants). The discusions are to be held in his "discussion thread".

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G'day all, I must apologise for not having posted anything sooner, but I've been away from home for a while. I've been on secondment at work, which involved a lot of travelling, long hours, and not much time for anything else. But I've got a break now for a fortnight, so I can catch up with everyone on the forum.


I've decided to build a diorama based on the Kami-kasada station on the Hokusei line of the Sangi Railway, which was originally owned by the Kinki Nippon Railway.


I've been gathering up the information I need to build it, plus some of the materials since the party was announced. I'm going to build the base for the diorama later today, so I should have something to show on the forum soon.


All the best,



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FINALLY, I've got something to show!  :laugh:


I've cut the wood, made a simple base, cut some track, attached some Trakrite underlay http://www.barcourt.com/trackrite.htm and plonked it down to take a photo.










I'll be the first to admit that my carpentry is pretty rough - but what can you expect from a boilermaker? My plan is to make a shadow-box enclosure out of expanded PVC sheet, which should hide the worst looking bits.


I've made the base deep enough to accomodate wiring and associated electrical gubbins for the level crossing and platform lighting.


The track will be raised on an embankment, for which I'm going to use Woodland Scenics foam risers. I'm booked off Saturday, and I'm planning a trip out to Blacktown to buy this and a few other bits and pieces I need.


I realise I 've left my run a bit late, but even if I don't manage to complete the diorama by the deadline, I still think it's worth completeing the thing just to get back into some active model making.


More to follow,



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