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New L shaped layout

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As i mentioned in my other topic 'Beginning to get somewhere', circumstances have left me severely restricted on the space available for a layout.

I have an area which is L shaped measuring 1550mm on one leg and 1700mm on the other. (the 1700 may be extendable to create longer sidings)

I like the idea of 2 trains running and so the oval part of the layout is 2 tracks - maybe i should have only one but I am sticking with 2 for the moment.

When I started a couple of years ago, I purchased a few 6 car trains and these may be too long for my projected layout, so I may have to just drop a car or two, even tho not 'correct'.

Also the lengths of the sidings may not be sufficient to store 6 car trains.

So I have come up with a layout which allows for 2 oval tracks, one end point station, one siding within the oval and a group of sidings off the outer oval for further storage.

I have used the trial version of Anyrail and so restricted to 50 pieces, but the ends of the sidings would just be extended with further straights.

The station would be within the oval in the off the northern, probably set in a commercial area.  The eastern part of the oval would be apartments/commercial.  The southern part of the L shape would be a mixture of low rise residential and railway type buildings.

i attach a screen shot as i don't seem able to include the Anyrail file.

Any comments gratefully received.



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L shape 1550 x1700.jpg

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