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Need for High Speed

Getting board of waiting

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I have asked numerous times for some one to post a video of their ho scale bullet trains running fast and I am getting tired of waiting. Pleas for the sake of train wrecks some one post some videos of their JR500 I have had a hard finding videos of this train on YouTube I have found a few but not many and I am eager to see more of what this tenshodo can do. I have also had a difficult time locating videos of the Kato HO E5 series I have been trying to be polite here but it only works for so long.  I have made videos of my own trains but because they are European high speed and not Japanese they don't belong on this forum.


I am not asking for some extravagent movie I just like watching model trains go fast and haven't had a chance to buy any HO Japanese trains as I have been focused on ICE trains in Germany.  Thank you so much for taking the time to post your videos.

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Searching on Youtube with "500系 H0" produces several videos, such as this one.



Same with E5系 H0



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