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SOLD - KATO 10-1132 0 Series 2000 (Tokaido Shinkansen 50th Anniversary)

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KATO 10-1132 0-SERIES 2000,  ( Tokaido Shinkansen 50th Anniversary) $70 (Packaging damaged at the corner, and booklet a little dented )







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Can you also change the thread title to include the word SOLD once you have sold an item?

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Yes please everyone once something you list for sale is sold please put SOLD - at the front of the title of the for sale thread. The member who starts a thread can always edit the title of that thread by going to their first post in the thread (the one that started the thread) and hitting edit on that one. Then you can also edit the thread title along with that post.


if you put multiple items up for sale in a thread please have a list of the items in the first post of the thread then as things sell put SOLD - in front of each item on the list as it sells off. You can have other posts in the threads with more detail and such but please make sure that you list each item sold on the list in the first post and in the main description/price you may have in a succeeding post.


This will help everyone not waste time and feel frustrated after getting to the bottom of a thread to find it’s sold already sold and also help folks see new stuff popping up for sale better in the Forum thread lists.


thanks mucho,



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