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Derailment in Milan currently 3 dead and over 100 injured

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it was a 6 coach train, the middle 2 have derailed, investigation is ongoing


at the moment they found that 20cm of rail were damaged about 2 km before the dereailment and that could be responsible for the incident, investigation is ongoing

the safety system seems to have worked fine, becase at Pioltello station they detected that there was an issue on the train and stopped all the trains in the line


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The train was composed by  a rebuilt piano ribassato cab car, 5 MDVC-type coaches and a E464 locomotive. Derailed were the mid 2/3 MDVCs.

It was travelling at about 100 Km/h (the correct line speed).


The maintainance of the tracks is an RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, our equivalent of Network Rail) job,  the train was operated by the regional company "Trenord".


Also, Trenord's official twitter account referred to it as "technical difficulties", sparking the outrage of various social media users.

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bikkuri bahn

One report says a 20 cm length of broken rail (at the joint attached by a fishplate) was responsible for the derailment.  The locomotive and one carriage passed over the damaged portion without derailing, but the following carriages derailed. Of course this is just speculation for now.


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