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Actually doing something :)

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Happy new year everyone


I hope annual gift man was good to everyone and you all playing with your new additions :) It's been awhile since doing as post but i do love this forum and i would like to share my very first attempt at.... well anything. I just want to mention that i'm a massive fan of Luke Towan's videos on youtube along with Everard Junction and though i can't do anything like these guys i take  much inspiration from them. After spending a lot of time reading and looking at tutorials, i found that i spent to much time piddle farting around and buying things with half bummed plans in mind. So a few months ago whilst my fiance was here i bought some Styrofoam sheets with the goal to make a small diorama. Those sheets sat idle for awhile till finally last week i just started putting things together, now there are some pretty botched parts of this and as i was working on it i could see doing things in a different order may have been more logical. so here is my very little scene. What do you think? FirstTurd.thumb.jpg.9e84e6178f3df052fca633f2d09fbfd1.jpg


I didn't have any sculpta mould or plaster so i started with this ugly mound of grout and spakfilla, it made a pretty rough surface and the paths between each rice field was a little bit random, i think next time i will make the path structure with foam and form more straighter level paths. Originally when i made this i wasn't going to put any track for trains, but then i had an after thought of a concrete retaining wall sort of thing  for one to run accross next to the stream and then ended up with this


so then this happened and i added this concrete retaining wall thingo, it looked pretty derpy at this stage, zoom in you can see the warping on those top concrete top bits ( i don't know what to call em) i decided to cheat and hide it with bushes etc... the wall was done with styrene and old bits of games  workshop spruehhhmmmisee.thumb.jpg.8ff3990af00f70011c9e65932d3af5a8.jpg

Then the foliage came and i started to experience for the first time one of the joys of modelling, i love placing bushes its so addictive and relaxing.streamside.thumb.jpg.51d25f43c8a02d39b2ea663047b2b78d.jpg

I felt at this stage it might not be as crappy as i thought it was, even though there were some pretty nasty bits, i was just happy to do something for once instead having layout materials piling up for something i might make in 2079.N ow what to do with these rice fields ? i don't have some of the stuff i need so i will come back to that later but it's not going to stop me from getting into a bit of agriculture.



This is probably  my favourite bit,  even though the tomatoes in comparison to the lady here are huge i liked the way it turned out.weathering.thumb.jpg.477d0050609fa47d3dd3a0c1bbd4c585.jpg

and this is now where i'm up to, i used some crushed lead pencil to do the weathering on the wall, still a  lot to do but it's achievable. instead of the ever changing layout of my dreams in my head. I learnt a true lesson here, just do something! start  small, if you have been anything like me and  watching tutorials to death but never do anything with that knowledge, just start doing :) It's not great what i've done but it's not terrible either and this is one of the first bold steps i have taken in this awesome hobby  .Thanks for taking a look. 

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Wow, that looks great!  Thanks for sharing.  I think the hardest part is just getting started, like you discovered once you keep working it ends up looking much better than you feared!

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hey great work! Those videos are great and wonderful resource. Very well done.


this is great and a great way to learn scenery techniques, just dive in and try things, but here no huge loss if you have some failures or not the way you really want it. Many folks usually build a whole layout before they start trying scenery and can really screw up and loose stream on the whole layout and then it can be disaster!


excellent project!





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thanks Jeff, thanks kiha66

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