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Gavino200's Layout phase II - Modeling

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Yeah something simple in diagram can be a lot in words!


I cant remember what program i used at the time (like 10+ years ago) and i went looking a while back for them and only found pdfs i had saved out as at the time my color laser printer driver was acting up with graphic programs at times but happy with pdfs. the ones i did were just tests to work out rough ideas and my first pass to just gets something going for ttrak.


any simple drawing program would do, something like inkscape. 2D drawing programs are pretty fast to pick up, just lines and shapes to move around and easy to change them. word or powerpoint could even do it, although i lothe to do graphics with office as its burned me so many times in the past dealing with what others have done in word especially and trying to get it out well. these can easily put in road line marks easily and most let you import texture files to make textured looks. print on white paper and you can then get white lines and writing. getting japanese characters for road markings can be a little work but not horrible to do.


second is then putting in the weathering stuff. this is better done in a bit map paint program with airbrush or you can just do these by hand like cracks with gray fine drawing pens, stains tire marks with weathering powers, airbrush and such.


you can get a bit of 3d texture if you mess around with art papers that have a tad of texture. some take inkjet well onto and the paper texture, some dont, but it can give interesting effects. 


if your streets curve then work out the curve with structures on top of a piece of paper and draw the curves needed and scan the paper. you can then fit a bezier curve to it in the drawing program and smooth it out as needed. print to test, revise, repeat as needed...


the computer stuff is pretty easy to do 2d roads like this compared to doing 3D work. also rapid to test out and see the results very fast and pretty cheap. to save ink you print out just lines or do just a small bit at a time to get the basics down. really is fast compared to trying to paint out a street and lay things in by hand!


I finally replaced the old color laser printer after its drum started having issues and replacing it was more than the cost of a new printer (most printers now are not built to repair sadly, its mostly a disposable market) and i got an epson 7720 for like $169 on sale and its an all in one as well aa prints and scans 11x17 which is super handy for stuff like this! off brand inks have been working well and pretty cheap.


Even if you eventually want to do your roads by hand painting lines and such doing the printed roads can be a great way to figure out what you want to do. get the mockup done and taped down to see how they look and plan what lines you need to do where, etc.





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