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For Sale Kato Train, Kato 700 Series Nozomi, Tomix Kiha58 Hiroshima

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I am selling a few trains from my collection so that I can acquire models more in line with areas of Japan that interest me. They are all beautiful models that I hate to let go but they don't get the run time they deserve and don't have a lot of run time on them.


All of them are in near new condition with their stickers unused and accessories unused still in the bags.


Paypal is preferred. I estimate shipping for one model to be around $9 USD for regular mail in the US, $14 USD for priority mail in the US, $22 USD World Wide. Of course I will give you the actual shipping charges and combine shipping charges. PM me if you are interested.


I would be interested in a trade if you have a Tomix EF64-0 in blue livery.

Something like:





Tomix Kiha58 Hiroshima Area

Tomix #92948

2 sets available. The boxes do have tape on the sides where they used to be sealed. Set #2 has the residue of a price sticker on the front of the box.





Kato Train 205 Series Saikyo Line Color

Kato #10-481




Kato 700 Series Shinkansen Nozomi

Kato #10-397







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