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Just heard sad news over on the n scale yahoo list, Pete the owner is retiring and will be shutting it down. But fortunately his brother owns Hogztrains that does HO And O will be taking over some of the N and Z business from BLW.


BLW was one of the best go to sources for American engines and rolling  in N and Z. They were one of the first online train stores and always great service and pricing. In the early days they actually kept a nice little stock of Japanese trains! As the Internet grew and getting trains from Japan easier those got phased out though. I got a couple of japanese trains a long time tack from BLW.


cycle of business, folks retire and small businesses like this can be very hard to sell, but hopefully his brother expanding into N and Z will let some of the business live on.





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Yes, this is nostalgia. I've bought stuff from Pete Postel, like, "forever". When I was manufacturing the Interail double stack cars back in the 1980s, Pete was one of my best dealers. He will be missed, but I hope his brother will continue his legacy.

- Paul Ingraham

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