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To solder or not to solder ......

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That is a question that I have grappled with for some time, especially considering that my layout is of a semi permanent nature, with block detection.


There seems to be a recommendation going around that "every piece of track must be soldered to another track or a feeder wire".


I initially started soldering the joiners but given the smaller size for N scale, it was not an easy task!


I have now resorted to using conductive wire glue on the joiner ( on the outside) and must say it's working quite well so far. Each of the blocks in the layout ends in a turnout ( which have isolators built in) and have their own separate feeders to facilitate detection.


Any experiences to share?

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I do not solder my joiners to the track.


I solder my feeders to the underside of joiners ... which are NOT soldered to the track they are connected to.


I have one feeder per 1.8m (6') of track for blocks larger than 1.8m.  Smaller blocks have a single feeder.

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