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I accidentally stumbled upon the e-train controller from Rokuhan.





It's feature list:

- smartphone control

- wired operation via the phone audio jack

- wireless operation via 3rd party bluetooth audio receivers

- built in speaker in the main unit

- dc and dcc support

- environmental sounds installed by default


Imho this is very interesting. I assume that one audio channel is used to transmit the control information, while the other is used for the speaker mono audio output. The mixed DC and DCC operation is imho a new feature from any japanese manufacturer and i would like to know how did they impement it. (i assume that either the dc/dcc commands or the raw traction drive stream is transmitted, but it's a big question for me which one as they require different levels of intelligence in the main unit) Also the audio channel input means that also PC-s and arduinos/raspberries could be connected to it.

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