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Buena Vista Street Red Car Trolley

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Something out of the ordinary.


Showcase Miniatures is offering a pricey N scale (1/160) Buena Vista Street Red Car Trolley kit.  It is a Disney stylized 1/3  version the old Pacific Electric  600 series (later 5050 series.) The kit is made of pewter, stainless steel and brass and designed to fit Kato power line chassis.






PE prototype photos




The Buena Vista Street replicas are powered by batteries, move at a walking pace as they are an amusement attraction rather than transportation and are escorted by crew members who walk along in front of the trolley car.


Inside the Magic video



Every Role a Starring Role - Red Car Trolley Conductor at Disneyland Resort


Disneyland video:



SoCal Attractions 360 video


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