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"Antique" Japanese Book

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Bought this traditional Japanese book from a local antique dealer in the UK as a decoration for my train room.


It is in a contained within a seperate cover with toggles and has hand cut pages made from what looks like rice paper.


Text runs top to bottom and pages run right to left.


Attached pictures show the cover, the book itself, the page with I assume the author's hanko and a page with the publisher's details.


There is a seperate stamp (tax?) on the publisher's page and what I assume is an edition date of 2-19-13 and possibly the original publishing date of 52-6-20


No idea what the book is called, who it is by or the subject.


Can anyone please help me with translating the title and anything else they can glean?





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Thanks Railsquid, that's brilliant. So quite a significant author and story. :)

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Maybe you can ceremoniously burn a train to place alongside it ;-)

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