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DD51 and 12 Series formation on San'in/Sagano Line, early JR West

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Here's a very interesting video, estimated by the uploader to be 1987, soon after the privatization of JNR.  This is a ride on an 8-car formation of 12 series coaches behind DD51 1190 between Kyoto and Umahori.  There's a lot of interesting things to be seen; the old San'in platforms at the old Kyoto Station with an escape track(?), sidings and trackside structures that no longer exist, the original Nijo station building, the section between Saga Arashiyama and Umahori that still uses what's now the Sagano Scenic Railway, and some views of the construction of the tunnels that bypass it.


The uploader is 旅一郎, perhaps Tabitaro based on his blog URL http://ameblo.jp/tabitaro1234/ although I had guessed Tabi Ichiro.  His YT channel has several other mid/late '80s era videos, check 'em out.


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Excellent video. And to think I was at Kyoto Station just 18 months before this video was taken. I liked the fact the video shows the construction work on what became the bypass for the old San'in Main Line alignment along the Katsura River, similar to the bypass for the Fukuchiyama Line (which used to run near the shores of the Muko River).

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The uploader is 旅一郎, perhaps Tabitaro based on his blog URL http://ameblo.jp/tabitaro1234/ although I had guessed Tabi Ichiro. 


Variants on a social media nickname, methinks.

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Recent image of a DD51 on a scrap line somewhere in possibly north west Honshu (Nagano depot?) - picture off the intraweb from this site ( https://ameblo.jp/mototomitomi/theme-10046978808.html which references Akita) - and recently posted so it may be still extant.




AFAIK not one of the few DD51 remaining in Inazawa (Aichi depot) so does anyone know which one it is and where from?


Looks in good condition and appears to be a recent paint job so presumably could have had a terminal engine failure?


Also picked up on the intraweb, that the remaining EF200 are now not being scheduled for their next general examinations but instead will be withdrawn and scrapped as they come due or if they fail in the interim. Next to go probably 2, 4, 5, 6 and 18 as no longer allocated to depots...


I suspect the same will happen to the remaining DD51 in Aichi in time, assuming they ever manage to sort out DF200-223 into a useable replacement, and as JRF then presumably bring down some of the spare DF200's from Hokkaido for further conversions.

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