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Sakurabashi: another attempt at a T-Trak module

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Yet another amateurish work in progress here.

The track and the railway bridge are yet to be laid / built, but this square-footage is supposed to be reminiscent of parts of Kyoto or Kurashiki, with a small canal flowing through an inner-city scene, with cherry-blossoms beside and overhanging the canal.

Due to budget constraints, all but two of the structures are free cardboard downloads from the WWW (with the other two being scratchbuilt). Their origins are a bit eclectic, with a couple of US gas station buildings, a small Queensland corner shop, a German 1920s kiosk and a US "Haunted House" on the scene, whilst the namesake bridge in the module is intended for Viking wargaming. Everything else is Japanese in origin(three of the shops are resized dolls' houses, though).

The vacant lot, when I muster the courage to make the attempt at building something so fiddly, will be occupied by either a small temple or a five-storied pagoda.


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