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Customizing Kato bridge catenary

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While the Kato Single Track Warren Brace Catenary Pole (23-047) is reasonably close to that used for the No 6 Misakubo River Bridge on the Lida line,




I prefer the visual effect of the angled attachment seen on the Konan Railway and other lines.









I thought I'd try bashing a support that was similar to the Konan style, and ended up with two versions - the first using only the Kato materials, while the second uses some Central Valley truss pieces in a vain attempt to get a little closer to the prototype.


The most difficult aspect of either build is beveling the connection of the actual catenary pole and the support for it, which angles off the bridge pier. A set of "jewelers" files works best for this, and the project also requires shortening and narrowing the prong at the bottom of the catenary pole, as it now enters the support at an angle. Because of this, you need to glue these two pieces together - as there is no longer the somewhat acceptable fit these parts originally had.


The CV version clearly suffers from the lack of side bracing. I'm considering getting the HO version of these trusses to try to fill the space - although, these would be of a heavier cross-section. In retrospect, the all-Kato version looks acceptably good, and is easier to build.


I wasn't using enough light, so the images are poor.










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