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200 Series Tohoku Shinkansen

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In serotta's nothing but trains topic I made mention of (finally) putting the transfers on my 200 Series H-formation 'Yamabiko/Super Yamabiko'. Found out I did exaggerate a bit on cars 1 and 16, they only had 11 transfers each. They didn't have ATS or motorman/conductor only transfers, got confused with the E3 which I did the week before.


First picture is car 1 showing the H3 decal on the front windscreen, below the passenger door, and barely visible on the motorman/conductor door glass. Car number isn't visible as it's on the trailing end but you can see the no smoking sign below the car number (which thankfully was printed on the car already).


Next is car 14 showing the no smoking sign and the car number. The car numbers were weird on this since they were in different places depending on the car. I'm not too much of a rivet counter so I settled for getting them roughly the same height (not terribly hard, they generally lined up with the bottom of a panel and under a window). You can see the no smoking sign doesn't look too hot, these were really a pain to get down even using invisible tape to hold them in place. 


Next is 16, same as car 1 except showing the car number on the trailing end and a smoking car sign under the car number.


Last picture is to give you an idea how long a full 16 car Shinkansen is. From nose to tail it's over nine feet long, I only have two straightaways on my layout where it comes close to being straight (both of them on the outside loop, one on the top of the picture and the other on the bottom). Also I think this is one of the first pictures of Mitakihara I've posted, I know it's a wide shot but it gives you an idea what half of the layout looks like. 





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Very nice nah00!  Again, I commend you on your patience and skills applying those darn pesky transfers.  Good job getting the 16 Car 200 Series train in the picture.  Would love to see more of your layout.  

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JR 500系

Great job! it's always a marvel to see full 16-car consists!  ;)

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