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Hello again.

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Hello all,


Some might remember me from a few years back when I built a Z-gauge layout. It even made it onto the http://www.japanrailmodelers.org site. Life took its course and I moved to a new (old) house which meant a few years of 1:1 scale building. I now have more space and have moved on to the larger N-gauge.

I am building 2 layouts. The largest layout is a N-gauge BR Blue layout. The smaller one is a N-gauge JR layout. I have spent most time on the BR layout up to date, but as a trip to Japan is coming up I kick-started the JR layout so I could better determine what I need to buy while I'm there.


I've put some items up for sale and thought I'd better announce my presence here as I will probably be starting a layout building thread some time soon.

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Welcome back Ian. I quite liked your Z gauge layout. It was really well done. Looking forward to what you come up with in N Scale.


Cheers eh,



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