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JR East Tōhoku Main Line, Koriyama to Fukushima

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YouTube member Pikotan TV posted this interesting zenmen tenbou video of a trip on the Tōhoku Main Line from Koriyama to Fukushima on a local train (a 701 Series EMU):



What I find interesting about this video are the fairly large number of riders on the train south of Fukushima and the fact each direction of the rail line for much of the way runs pretty much on its own path--for example, the northbound route has grade crossings, while the southbound has underpasses right next to it.


You can tell that Fukushima itself is located in fairly mountainous country. This video from another YouTube member shows a zenmen tenbou video of a trip on the Tōhoku Main Line from Sendai to Fukushima, taken on a rapid service train (an E271 Series EMU): 




Note the pronounced grade just north of Fukushima.

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