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Hello from San Diego

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Bullet Trains! Unitrams! B-Trains! These are irresistible! Model railroading has always been a hobby of mine, albeit not the only one. My first "serious" train set was a pressed metal, two car & loco set, bought in 1960 when my family was in Spain in 1960. Since then, there's always been a railroad car of some sort in my closet.


Four years ago, I saw a Kato Unitram setup at a train show. Hooked all over again. That led me to the hitherto unknown world of Japanese trains, all so new and exotic. I confess I can't read a bit of Japanese, so my only real worry is placing a sign somewhere on a layout that is wholly inappropriate. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?


Anyway, finding this forum, with others of like interest, has been a wonderful surprise. I'm glad to be accepted as a member.


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Hi! Welcome!

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Welcome Rmsinsd!


You found the nut house all right!


You can always use the google translate app on your smartphone or tablet as you can snap pictures of anything to see what it says! Helps not putting an advertisement for bras as the fire station sign.


Enjoy,mthe problem with Japanese trains, as I'm sure you are finding, is there are too dang many of them!





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