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10 hours ago, Pashina12 said:

Well, that's a multi-faceted question. At home, for the moment, not much - about 8' x 2' space that I can use as a "set up and leave it there" space. However, my studio space is about 15' long by 8' wide, and with some rearrangement of my gear (and getting friends to actually take their stuff away that they seem to have "forgotten" there) I could devote one entire long wall to it... though I'd have to wonder A, how would that affect the acoustics of the room (though can't be worse than it is now with people using it as a storage space...), and B, how would occasional long hours of loud noise and the consequent vibrations of heavy bass affect the layout and models...


For shorter periods, at home I could set up up to around a 25' length.

Thanks! Well, one thing i noticed is the number or curves on your plans. This could make it really hard to set it up along a wall. The studio environment is also bad for the layout, mainly dust and heavy stuff getting banged into the model landscape. I would expect a layout wouldn't survive a year there.


At home, you might have more peace, but not a lot of leave it assembled space. Setting up and tearing down every time you want to run usually means very rare running sessions. This leaves you with the fixed space.


So my question is this: How much of the line could you model in 8' x 2'?

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The curves: well, for occasional set up at whatever location, the curves could maybe make it possible to have a longer run in a space, than simply going along a wall. At the same time, there is nothing saying I can't replace a curve with a "temporary" straight connection.


Also important: none of these are "plans" per se, yet! So far I've only been looking at the line as it is/was... figuring out how to model what is a step yet to come.


You're probably right about the studio...


As for the 8' x 2' space... well. Not a lot of open line, really, for just running; I could model one of the stations which give me shunting options, which could let me shunt some when I feel like actually playing with the trains without setting multiple modules up. Conversely, since I do enjoy the shunting puzzles, I could just get a bunch of Unitrack, and when I want to play a bit, I can set up a different timesaver/puzzle track plan each time, without regard to what I've got done in modules...

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