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For Sale: European and Japanese Trains N-Scale trains, Take a look! (updated 21 Sept. 2017)

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Unless otherwise stated, all original packaging, parts, manuals, etc. are supplied. All trains are tested and are fully functional/working without issue, and have no missing parts/discolorations/scratches or otherwise, unless otherwise stated. For more info, PM me for more details.

Reservation: If you are interested in a train, contact me via PM. If you want to reserve a train, let me know. If you do not say you want to reserve the item, it remains available for other people. There is no obligation to pay when reserving items, but I do not reserve items for longer than 2 weeks of no further messages unless otherwise arranged.

Shipping: All trains are located in Germany. I ship to anywhere the German post allows me to. I can combine any items as you wish.

- To Germany it costs around €4-5 for all packages, depending on the weight. I exclusively use DHL.

- To anywhere else (such as but not excluding to: US, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, France, Antarctica) it costs €9,50 (for small items up to 1kg including packaging) to €19,50 (for big items/train sets up to 2kg of packaging. Note that the TOMIX Shinkansen sets weigh almost 2kg, and therefore, cannot be combined with anything else). For this I use Deutsche Post SAL/Maxi Brief shipping with internet tracking and without insurance. 

Payment: IBAN transfer or Paypal Friends accepted. In case of unavoidable Paypal fees, these are for the buyer.


Have a question about a particular item? Do you want to use a different shipping method? Don't hesitate to message me!


And now to the good stuff: List is always up to date!


Available Japanese Trains:

- TOMIX W7 Shinkansen 98940 (full 12 set). Condition: Like New, less than 30 minutes runtime! Available




Available European Trains

- Fleischmann 860801 Blue CityNightLine Luggage car (new) & Fleischmann 860601 Blue CityNightLine Restaurant with pantograph (not sold separately) Condition: These items are Brand New and Unused! Available




- KATO 10-327 Eurostar. Condition: Used item, but runs buttersmooth, no discolorations or marks, and the box/sleeve are in very good condition! Available




- Hobbytrain/LEMKE ÖBB Railjet Spirit of Budapest H25216 H25217 full 7 part set with H2732 Hobbytrain/LEMKE locomotive (not sold separately). This item is Brand New and Unused! Available




- Hobbytrain/LEMKE CD Railjet H25218 H25219 full 7 part set with H2730 Hobbytrain/LEMKE locomotive (not sold separately). Can also be shipped with Fleischmann CD Railjet locomotive instead (731217). This item is Brand New and Unused, and VERY RARE! Available





no reserved items at this time


- TOMIX 2643 C11 HG Steam Locomotive (2017 version). Condition: Like New, less than 30 minutes runtime! ITEM SOLD!

- TomyTec 255949 "TamaDen" Wakayama Electric Railway, equipped with all optional details (pantographs, metal wheels), KATO close couplers, and TM-05 Motor. Note that on one side on carriage 2, one window piece is missing. Other than that, it is in perfect condition. Condition: Engine Like New, less than 30 minutes runtime! ITEM SOLD!

- Minitrix 13333 NS ICR 2nd class Intercity carriage. Condition: Like new! Unused, with original packaging ITEM SOLD!

- LIMA/Minitrain 123902G Lufthansa-Airport-Express 4 part "Ugly Duckling". Condition: This item is used, but in good condition and runs well. It comes without original packaging ITEM SOLD!

- Hobbytrain H25101/H25102/H25103/H25104/H25105 SBB IC2000 set, version without advertisements, N Gauge. Condition: These items are Almost Brand New and Unused! ITEM SOLD!

-TOMIX H5 Shinkansen 98945 (full 10 set). Condition: Like New, less than 30 minutes runtime! ITEM SOLD!

- KATO/LEMKE K23218 "Riviera Express/Orient Express" 4 part set, with interior lighting in all 4 cars Condition: These items are Used but in Very Good Condition (no damages, scratches etc).ITEM SOLD!

- KATO 10-1394 E885 Around The Kyushu (full 6 set). Condition: Very good condition, Very little runtime! ITEM SOLD!



Edited by Yavianice
H5 Hokkaido Hayabusa + E885 + Riviera Express CIWL Sold!
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Posted (edited)

Bump with updated list and updated shipping policy.

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Added some more trains, and made two categories for European and Japanese trains, and updated the payment policy.

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Posted (edited)

Sold one item, and updated the post with a much needed reservation policy to avoid disappointments. I also fixed the shipping prices, which were incorrect for EU.

Edited by Yavianice

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I indeed bought the Tomix C11 from Yavianice.
The loco was as described, working like a charm ; the parcel was sturdy and its content well protected, the whole shipped quickly.
Futhermore Yavianice is a nice guy, so buy from him with confidence.

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Some items go (Ugly Duckling, SBB IC2000), some items join the list (Orient Express, Railjet, H5, E885). The super rare CD Railjet is once again up for sale, and this time, with a Hobbytrain CD Railjet locomotive!

Edited by Yavianice

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