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Hello from Charleston SC

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hello all!!  It is a beautiful sunny 70 degree day here as I browse ebay looking for my first Japanese railway purchase.  I believe I have been bitten by the Keihan bug so either a 600 or 700 will be the first purchase.  A big thank you to all who have helped me so far.  Big question is which one to go for, Thomas, K-On or tea time??  

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Hello and welcome!  There is an existing thread with information on the Keihan Otsu line and trains.   




What you can go for will depend to a large degree on what is available.  Items in the Japanese distribution system have shorter shelf lives than in North America.  Brand choices are mainly Tomytec or B-Train Shorty from the English language dealers.


Here are a couple of Keihan searches on the Hobby Search website:






Other dealers are ModelTrainPlus (he doesn't carry B-Train Shorty anymore) and Amiami .

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Welcome! You got bit by a specific bug first, but beware they spread!





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