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What did you do on your layout today?

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It's not really on the layout, but it is in the train room. I got this freebie two years ago in Japan at a JR office, and I just got around to putting it together. It's a tissue box holder. I like it.



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Added some fake snow and extra figures to my Xmas market scene. All came about after I was given the Glühwein stall kit by Noch and noticed the miniature illuminated trees in Marks and Spencer for £3...



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Looks superb buddy👍👍👍good effort

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Thanks, the original plan was that it would sit inside a half circle of 150mm curves, but the foamboard had bowed so it caught on passing coaches. I've put the straight edge against the track instead which doesn't cause a problem. The other trees were 95p cheapies from the local model shop, dabbed with the same mix of white acrylic paint and snow powder I used for the ground covering. The stall roofs were coated with Glue 'n Glaze and given a dusting of the same snow powder.

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Finally had some time to improve the look of the Tomytec Uzui Station, still a work in progress. I bashed two kits together to make the station section of the bridge full length.  Now I just have to scratch build the rest of the bridge. Ignore the mess of the base, also a work in progress 😉




I removed the molded on lip and glued on Tomix railings which makes a world of difference.




Experimenting with paint on the station, I used Polly Scale concrete paint which is no longer available and I am out of it. Eventually I will paint the entire structure to get rid of the plastric look. I left the back of the platform edge unpainted so the glue for the fence would bond better however I think I might use a photo etch chain link fence instead of the oversized plastic one included with the kit.



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