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What did you do on your layout today?

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a small amount of progress on my Picton Layout (TT scale) changed the original resin block house for a recently assembled and painted 3D print model with lighting added. Soldered up some more fencing for around the property and added cattle stops. using 1/148 sheep which i have added wire to for mounting in paddock. still thinking on ways to add more wool to them. slowly getting there.





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I m trying to work my way around the layout making small,removeable diaramas to fill in the gaps.I m trying to do this while it’s still warm as once the colder weather comes it ll be back to building the kits indoors for the tram module.

This next area is going to prove a bit of a challenge,it s where the tram and train layout meet and is on two diferent levels.Neither area is big enough for a village or town so after trawling the Internet yet again for Tomix and Kato Buildings my initial thoughts are for a restaurant on the lower level and a church with a wedding on the top level and try and tie them together with a roadway.



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