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What did you do on your layout today?

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Kiha66 had this idea a while back and I went and got some of these Daiso Model cases and totally forgot about them.  Been pre-occupied with other things especially RC Cars but the  passion for trains will always burn inside.  Gonna do a couple of little dioramas with these cases and hopefully this will create some momentum and I can get started on my T-Trak modules.  Been MIA but the trains keep coming, these darn pre-orders. 🙂





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Repaired the green corner building on my Euro tram layout. Some corners weren't holding as well as I'd like so I moved it to the  work pad and completed repairs during a sleepless night.


IMG_8004 1024 x 768.jpg

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I removed all the trains, vehicles, and containers, in preparation for stripping this layout down for parts for the new layout. Most of this will be reused. But I haven’t had the heart to start ripping up any of the terrain. 


In other news, I’ve noticed how much debris there is on the track. This is entirely my fault, for adding loose “foliage” to the ground when planting trees (especially the super cheap ones), and not gluing it down. 

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Good old hair spray can help with this. Hit the trees with a few fine coats before planting. It can also work as a final fix on ground cover as well. Cover tracks of course when applying. Scenery bits can be bad mix with truck gears and loves to mix with other dirt, oils and electrical oxidation soot.



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Track bits assemble! And trees and trains obviously. 


I still need half a dozen points, timber and an XPS sheet before I can start on layout 2.0, but it is coming together. The old layout is completely dismantled and all parts were recovered (except for one polystyrene ramp—I have 7 more and I’m not concerned).

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