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Azumanga Davo

Davo Dentetsu

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Azumanga Davo

I decided that, because I can't really have any sort of layout setups on a permanent basis as yet, I can still sort of muddle in a fictional world of my own.



So I created a fictional "what if" kind of company, sort of mixing a Japanese private railway and sort of like a free access operator based on British practices (similar to the feight movement companies like GBRf and DB Schenker).  So rather than having their own infrastructure, the locos and other stock can quite happily look the part on a JR train or utilise older passenger/freight wagons as a special charter.

My plan is to use two or three Bandai shorty units, but have also converted a second-hand ED75 surplus to JR requirements (I do have 7 other ED75/79s on hand!).  These will feature for the most part a similar colour scheme to the Euro Liner expresses, as these match my radio control truck that also features as an umbrella company.  :)

I also plan to use the page as a place to show off other model rail and hobby posts, works, fixes and so on.

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