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Shinkansen N700S series to replace 700 series

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And I merged yet another new thread with this already existing thread on the N700S...

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On 10/20/2018 at 5:08 AM, Sacto1985 said:

But those 8-car 500 Series and 700 Series Hikari Rail Star train sets are starting to get up there in years and need replacement soon. The test of the 8-car N700S train set may be in preparation for eventual operations on Kodama services between Shin-Osaka and Hakata Stations, starting probably as early as 2021.

I think that's pretty unlikely. Ever since the start of Nozomi services, the Kodama has been a good place to "recycle" old trains. Most trains were downgraded after roughly 10 to 15 years of initial service.

Also, this N700S is owned by JR Central, who only operate 16 car Kodama trains. 

JR West has announced to purchase N700S units to replace their N700 fleet and they do own 8-car N700-7000 sets, which are however not used on Kodama services as they're still fairly new.

It's most likely that older N700 series sets will be downgraded and shortened to replace the 700 series Hikari Rail Star and 500 series.


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