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Das Steinkopf

Harajuku Station Redevelopment

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Since last week these girders spanning the outer Yamanote line passenger track:



jr-harajuku-2018-05-18_017 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


now extend all the way across the Yamanote freight line tracks and are anchored to the cutting wall opposite:



Harajuku Station, 2018-05-25 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


A bit hard to see because taken from a moving train through two layers of grubby glass, but the grey-ish white horizontal beams towards the top of the picture.

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Harajuku was the only Yamanote Loop Line station to escape destruction in the big fire bomb raids on Tokyo in 1945.

By that time the B 29s were using the RAF tactic of area bombing, no specific target, just saturate a large area.

Harajuku was fortunate, as a timber building it wouldn't have stood a chance if it had been hard hit.

Might have been on the edge of an area.

With only one incendiary bomb hit, and that a dud, it was extremely lucky!

I hope that it is retained, even if not as an operating station.





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