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Crazy Auctions / Prices Thread

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The 1500 USD is for the first release 700T. The more recent 700T release is much "cheaper".


Talking about crazy prices, I am very interested in getting a Thalys PBKA from KATO in new colors. Available for just 1100 Euro. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Kato-N-Scale-TGV-Thalys-PBKA-10-Car-Set-Model-Train-K10918-F28/273370863672?epid=3009237681&hash=item3fa62c5838:g:j2cAAOSwj3BbVrg5

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Are the boxes of the first release different? It looks like there are printing of Taiwan High Speed Rail, while the 2nd release are only Green boxes? Cant be sure as I don't have both of them... 


Some train sets just appreciate so much so fast... I reckon the Shikishima to be the same when it goes out of production... Or the Suica Penguin E2 for example... 

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